The eCenter Direct is a web portal that provides a connection between a business client and PTAC staff enhancing communication between the PTAC staff and program clients. Clients can use this web portal to request services, register for training events, complete surveys, and submit success stories.

Clients may submit assistance requests and/or obtain relative program information through the use of established eCenter eForms. All communications are automatically recorded directly in the individual client counseling files. Additionally, clients have the ability to edit their personal demographic and capability information within their individual PTAC Client Profile.

The portal provides clients a simplified method for reporting milestones such as contract award information that resulted in part through assistance from the PTAC, and the ability to reply to quarterly PTAC customer satisfaction surveys. All information submitted through the portal is held proprietary and recorded directly in the clients counseling files.

The portal allows clients to easily register for PTAC outreach events as well as submit payment and retrieve a conference registration acknowledgement. As with all information submitted through the portal a permanent record of the clients outreach participation is maintained within the client’s counseling files.

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